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What architects should be doing (and mostly aren’t)

Suppose, just suppose, you are called into the CEO’s office. Then suppose the CEO says “justify this group called enterprise architecture”. What are you going to say? — because “well, everyone else has one and so we need one too” … Continue reading

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Top level metrics for the business to direct IT

Suppose you’re a non-executive director on the Board. Or a C-level officer of the enterprise. Maybe you’re the country manager, or divisional general manager, of a piece of the organization. What should you be looking at, to judge and give … Continue reading

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The basics of Total Cost to Own & Operate (TCOO)

So, you’ve decided you’d like to look at what the metric “Total Cost to Own and Operate” (TCOO) can do for you. Good! Here’s how to get started, if you’re an enterprise architect: Define all your existing platforms. A platform … Continue reading

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Are You Doing a Good Job?

How does the IT organisation manage to tell the rest of the business if it’s doing a good job? Other functions apparently have an easier time of it. For sales, it’s dead simple: you made plan, or you didn’t. Finance … Continue reading

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Your Total Cost to Own and Operate

“Total Cost of Ownership” models date back to the early 1990s. They are a useful tool to compare stacks (hardware + operating system + middleware + packages + skill demand) when making choices between deploying one or another of these. … Continue reading

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