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Will it all go to the cloud?

Whether done with the support of an outsourcing partner or done in house with your own staff, most IT in most enterprises is still done locally. Cloud vendors (the -as-a-service types) follow the logic of Nicholas Carr (The Big Switch) … Continue reading

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Breaking up the monoliths

I worked with a fellow analyst in the 1990s who used to stand on stage and say that buying SAP was a lot like pouring concrete over an organization. That’s not a dig at SAP — you could have said … Continue reading

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“Good enough” is good enough

In a comment exchange here a few days back, John DiMarco made some observations about how he’s handling total cost of ownership and operation (TCOO) that made a great deal of sense, so much so that today I want to … Continue reading

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What do CEOs want from IT?

Very senior leaders of organizations are seldom very good at giving IT the direction IT wants. Expecting that to change is to play a fool’s game. It has nothing to do with the “technological awareness” of CEOs, COOs and the … Continue reading

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Half of what you have

Most managers have lived through cutbacks, especially when the economy turns down. We’re asked to give up 5% … 10% … maybe, in a really bad year, 20%. What if you were told “half” — give up half of all … Continue reading

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Management is not the art of meeting

If you looked at the typical diary of a manager, you might think that the primary purpose of managers is to meet. Perhaps — in the era of poor communication — it needed to be. In the twenty-first century, with … Continue reading

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The basics of Total Cost to Own & Operate (TCOO)

So, you’ve decided you’d like to look at what the metric “Total Cost to Own and Operate” (TCOO) can do for you. Good! Here’s how to get started, if you’re an enterprise architect: Define all your existing platforms. A platform … Continue reading

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