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The Life of Most IT Solutions is Not Very Long

Not long ago I had a discussion with a company where, I were proudly informed, they were able to expand their portfolio of applications far beyond their peers. They were eating into the backlog at last. I were surprised, however, … Continue reading

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The Ideal Project Team Size? Two Pizzas Feed Them

This piece was originally written in 2007. It appears below, followed by further observations in the intervening five years: What size of project team is optimal to deliver a new IT application, with quality, in the shortest length of time? … Continue reading

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What Agility Really Should Mean

For several years now companies have sought increased agility. What precisely does this mean? — and is it something that can be achieved easily? In one sense, agility is simply the ability to reconfigure as events occur. Reconfigure, as used … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Govern for Value, You Won’t Get It

I think we’ve all seen situations where everyone’s working hard, where things are getting done, yet it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Despite all the change being inflicted on others through IT work, this is often one of the … Continue reading

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Big Changes, Lots of Small Monthly Deliveries

There is an interesting effect being noted in terms of larger scale change: the bigger the effort and the longer the time period required to execute upon it, the more likely it is that results will be delivered via many … Continue reading

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Are you in the Information Business … or the Data Game?

One of the challenges facing IT is that it is far more thought of for the “T” of technology than for the “I” of information. Getting into the information game is a key challenge that will differentiate the ordinary from … Continue reading

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The Governing Board is a Strategic Need

Do you have a Governing Board, composed of the enterprise’s leaders, acting as the strategic capstone for IT? If you don’t, you should — even in cases where a strong CIO, deeply respected by the enterprise, is in charge. What … Continue reading

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