Want more?

Bruce Stewart also writes for other outlets. Get more Bruce by trying one or more of the following:

Bruce writes daily on politics and energy issues for the Beacon News chain, local daily papers, web-delivered, in 28 cities in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Texas. The editors usually have Bruce’s column up by 0900 PT/1200 ET daily. Read Bruce exclusively, or read the main paper.

Bruce writes twice per week on politics and culture for the Prince Arthur Herald. You can read the main paper (all of Bruce’s articles are published in the English edition).

Bruce writes at least twice weekly for Personal Due Diligence, where he is also an advisor to PDD’s clients on transitions to entrepreneurship and portfolio lives.

Bruce has written columns which have appeared across Canada in the major metropolitan dailies and some twenty community weeklies, on local economics, sustainability, and Ontario. These were distributed by Troy Media, and you can find them on their syndication site.

Bruce has started a new blog recently to take these ideas on local economics and sustainability further, entitled The Sustained Life.

Bruce is the 2012 “Blogging Idol” winner and writes at least weekly for the IT World Canada Blogosphere, on information technology issues. He also appears periodically in their publications (electronic editions available on the same site).

Bruce is a philosopher by academic training and inclination, and he takes a wide-sweeping look at our society in his “Fresh Pressed” blog, It’s Just a Jump to the Left, then a Step to the Right. From baseball to philosophy to cultural analysis, you’ll find Bruce weighing in on it here.

Bruce’s political views can be found at his blog, Voice of the Citizen, where he writes every time “they” make him angry enough.

Bruce has begun a new project to define what ought to be on offer as an integrated, sound platform in politics rather than the grab-bag of goodies that is normally put forward at election time. Read this more philosophical approach to issues at Politics at Issue as a platform beyond left and right is developed.

Bruce was a regular management columnist in Computerworld and a contributor to Architecture and Governance, and published over 400 pieces of research while an analyst at Gartner, Inc., META Group, Inc., and Accendor Research, Inc.

To be informed every time Bruce publishes something new, you can follow him on Twitter, subscribe to him on Facebook, or circle him on Google+.


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